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Network & Security

We design and deploy a completely seamless network solution. Every aspect of your network is then monitored and managed remotely from our headquarters. This ensures that you are secure 24/7 and can focus on your business.

Nostra is accredited by the largest networking and security vendors as a provider of Managed IT Services. Palo Alto, Cisco, Barracuda, GFI, N-Able, and SonicWALL have invested in the support and training of Nostra technicians.

Nostra secure your critical data and defend your infrastructure from unauthorised access. Our support team shields your Servers, Desktop’s, Laptops, Tablets and Phones from spam, viruses & malware.

Managed Services

This type of contract is designed to provide a high level of Consultancy, Security Governance and Advice to your organisation. It also provides for the capture and auditing of information required to pass such international standards as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and ISO9001/270001. In effect Nostra become your Managed IT Services department, managing everything from personnel, to the ICT estate and budgets. Using Nostra for all your ICT needs allows you to leverage our wealth of industry knowledge while allowing yourself the time and space to focus on your business.

Cloud Solutions

This contract is designed to provide all labour required for the support of end users and minor changes to your ICT estate. Based on the size, complexity and user numbers involved we will set a fixed price for your Managed IT Services allowing you to have the comfort of predictive costs. Our Managed IT Services are highly tailored to specific circumstance and through these contracts we provide anything from daily end user assistance and guidance right up to long term ICT Strategy which can underpin your overall business plan. We can give access to technologies that have proven ROI’s and can produce business workflow improvements in every facet of your business.

The Services We Provide

With MPS (Managed Print Services), you can save time and improve efficiency as well as reduce costs and save money.
Provide a simple, familiar and consistent user experience with unmatched collaboration across your business with SharePoint.

Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

We will implement a thorough plan so that in the event of an unforeseen disaster, we can ensure minimum downtime and mitigate risk.
We provide IT Security Awareness training to users.

The Dark Web attracts various criminal activity. We will monitor your profile and ensure you are alerted if your data goes up for sale.

We can provide an entire suite of hardware to suit your business needs. We also partner with Camara to ensure, where possible, old hardware is removed and reused in schools and youth centres.
We will assist in defining the best IT Strategy and identifying the most suitable software for your business.


Cloud Solutions

Nostra are first and foremost a Cloud Computing company and have been for many years. Cloud computing is an alternative to traditional IT and, simply put, is a far more sustainable way to run your business.

Instead of running your business applications such as email internally, they run in a shared data centre and you simply “plug in” to use these services, making it easy to access while significantly lowering the associated costs.

Microsoft Services

Nostra are an authorised reseller of Microsoft products. Contact us today so we can help you to identify the solution that will work best for your business. These products range from assisting you with Productivity and Collaboration tools, Global-Scale Cloud Services, IT Professional Security Management and Efficient Communications throughout the business.

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We transferred to Nostra for managing our network in October 2016 and immediately felt confident that our system would be brought up to the best possible standards of monitoring and maintenance.  We are happy that the latest in best practice guidelines are now in place and that our network is now on a fully stable footing.  Business continuity is obviously a key priority and they have put in place a robust system of replication and backups with a regular monitoring system.

The staff in Nostra know their IT and they have expertise in every aspect together with relationships with Microsoft and other key partners in the industry.  They manage everything IT for us apart from our core banking system and they have built a relationship with that provider also.

I am happy to recommend them as a strong network services provider

Operations Manager

“Seamless, Efficient, and Hassle Free”

“We have worked with Nostra as our Technology Partner since 2011. During that time we have moved our mail to Microsoft O365, upgraded our servers, and deployed Microsoft Virtualisation. In tandem with Nostra we have reviewed and upgraded our Business Continuity Plan and have put disaster recovery failover in place. All of these initiatives have been accomplished in a seamless, efficient, and hassle free manner with no down time to the company. Nostra always conduct due diligence before any move and come up with business driven and cost effective solutions. They are very adept at providing the latest software solutions and advice with a customer centric focus.”

Office Manager

“I have more time to focus on my business”

“Although Nostra have committed to 30 minute support, the support engineers are usually online and fixing any issue within 5 or 10 minutes and we’re generally back up and running within the 30 minutes. They provide an excellent service and more importantly leave me with more time to focus on my business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Nostra to any company who wish to cut IT costs without jeopardizing any service levels.”

Managing Director

“The Service We Receive is Unlike Any Other”

“We chose Nostra as our IT provider because they understand our business and give a proactive approach to managing our IT. They provide the fastest response time from any IT company in our market but much more than this they advise us on keeping our systems stable and our costs down.

They engage with our other vendors to ensure that once we make a call to Nostra any IT worry will be resolved.

The efficient running of our technology systems is crucial to the smooth running of our business. They have become a key IT manager to our business. From analysing our systems they have saved us a lot of money, we run more systems from less machines and we do so in a stable fashion. Our employees are an integral part of our business and our employees choose Nostra Systems.

The service we receive from Nostra Systems is unlike that given to us by any previous provider.”

Financial Controller